How Alay Psychiatric Providers Can Help You

Are you having a hard time finding a psychiatrist in Wisconsin? You're not alone. There is a severe lack of Wisconsin Psychiatrists and psychiatric prescribing providers. In fact, when it comes to providing adequate, reliable, accessible mental health care services-- Wisconsin is the second worst state in the nation.


The rural nature of most of Wisconsin's counties coupled with its largely northern climate makes it even more challenging to connect prescribing providers with the patients who need their help.  Sadly,16 of Wisconsin's rural counties reported having no access to a psychiatric prescribing provider.


Alay Health Team was created as a rapid response to the continued worsening availability of psychiatric prescribing providers. The clinic focus is not just serving individuals locally, but to offer the option of seeing a presribing provider via a secure telehealth connection as a means of reaching patients who live in rural locations. Our goal? To increase access to care, and to do it with compassion.

Why Alay?

Our clinic offers  nurturing, psychiatric prescribing specialists who make use of the latest in technological advancements to provide quality mental health services to the people of Wisconsin. The use of techhnology both facilitates and enhances the quality of the patient experience by giving our clients the ability to choose how and when they receive access to outpatient psychiatric care.

Why You?

You deserve access to a skilled, educated prescribing provider who is able to provide you with quality mental health care. Alay understands that you have a busy life and need psychiatric prescribing providers who are ready to support you, work around your schedule,  priorities, and comfort needs!